Round-the-world route

“Only going man overpower the road!”

We’ve created a round-the-world route, which will take place mostly in the Southern hemisphere, with a length of more than 40,000 miles and will go around the globe. We broke the entire route on the steps that we plan to go on a sailing yacht Lady Arisha for 3-4 years.

Our journey is not sporting or non-stop, maybe it will be accompanied by short breaks and long stays in places that we like the most. At the initial stage it looks like this, but we believe that life and the journey itself will make its own adjustments, because this route is only the direction of our path.

The starting point and the beginning of the path is San Diego, USA, as at the moment the yacht is standing there in winter, we are planning to finish our circumnavigation there.

Planned date of departure is February 2015.

Our journey will take place on 5 continents and 55 countries and the places that we personally want to visit. The main task for us is to get acquainted with the culture of each country from the inside, to find friends and like-minded people among families in different parts of the world and to show other people features and culture of our country.

Another feature of all our travel is also the search for new types of training, apprenticeships, because learning something new is always exciting and it develops us and our children.

We will look not only port city, but also try to look deep into the continent and explore the country from the inside.






Crossing the Pacific ocean, Oceania and islands San Diego-Hawaii — Kiribati French Polynesia — Samoa — Fiji — Marquesas Islands — Solomon Islands — Papua New Guinea February — July 2015


Australia and New Zealand New Caledonia-New Zealand — Australia July 2015 — November 2015


Malaysia, Philippines Indonesia — Malaysia-Cambodia — Thailand January 2016 — May 2016


Hindustan, Indian ocean Crossing the Indian ocean: Sri Lanka — India — Maldives — Seychelles — Madagascar June 2016 — October 2016


Africa Madagascar-Kenya-Tanzania — Mozambique — South Africa — Namibia — Angola — Cameroon — Côte d’Ivoire November 2016 — May 2017


The transatlantic crossing Africa-Brazil May 2017 July 2017


South America, Atlantic Brazil — Uruguay — Argentina — Cape horn July 2017 —  December 2017


South America, Pacific Ocean Chile — Peru about-Easter — Panama January 2018 —  March 2018


Caribbean Caribbean Islands — Cuba – Guadeloupe — Dominican Republic-Puerto Rica — Haiti — Jamaica — Panama canal. April 2018 —June 2018


Panama — Mexico – the USA Costa Rica — Guatemala — Mexico – the USA August 2018 —  December 2018


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