Join the family round trip

Join the family round trip and became a rightful member of the club “Family Sail”!

The card of club member gives you the best opportunities:

  • Cheaper

It is cheaper than to rent a boat yourself

  • Leisure of children

Leisure of your children will be joint with other children, as the crew is familial and there are children on it (3 and 6 years). You can leave them with us for a couple of hours, and spend your leisure time together

  • Real exotic

You will plunge into the exotic, visit foreign families and see the country from the inside



Personal travel advice

Our family travels for 7 years and has a great experience traveling with children, even infants. We will be glad to share experience!

Experience in the practical management of the yacht

Only in the open ocean you can learn to control sailing yacht.

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Having walked the part of the way with us, you will gain the practical knowledge and skills: learn how to set and remove the sails, keep watch, to walk in the open ocean, berthing, etc, without additional charge, as you will become part of our family team!

Other entertainment in the ocean without additional charge:

  1. Diving (2 sets of the equipment on the board, the Captain has a certificate)
  2. Surfing (the board available)
  3. Ocean fishing (the equipment available, experience)

Certificate of world traveler

You will receive a certificate of completion part of the world tour, as well as souvenirs with symbol of the Club, photos, and videos.



It’s easy to become a member of our Club!

You must subscribe to news or join the community Familysail in social networks (Facebook and Youtube) and tell your friends.

Together with us under sail!

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